Top 4 Reasons to Attend Your Company Convention

Top 4 reasons to Attend your Company Convention

company conventionIf you are new to Direct Sales / MLM / Network Marketing, and you haven’t attended your Company’s main convention or training event, then you are probably making one of the biggest mistakes possible in your business.  There are many reasons to attend your Company’s convention.  You probably have upline that are urging you to invest in yourself and attend the next big event.  You might be thinking that I’ve already invested in myself by signing up for the business in the first place.  I liken it to buying a McDonald’s franchise, but then refusing to go to Hamburger U.  Your company convention is going to give you a tremendous foundation to build your business upon.  Here are my Top 4 reasons to attend your Company Convention or Training Event.

Top Reason #1 to Attend your Company Convention – Belief

Many people underestimate the power of Belief when it comes to their network marketing company.  Belief in yourself and in your Company truly are critical to your success in Direct Sales.  Without both you will never be able achieve a high level of success.  Attending your Company’s convention or main training event does those two things for you.  Belief in yourself and the company.  At your Company convention you will be exposed to the full scope and big picture for the opportunity that you are part of.  Typically there are thousands if not tens of thousands of people in attendance from across the country, and often across the world.  You have a chance to see and sometimes meet the owners of the company, and the top leaders in the field.   Depending on the size of you company, as a relatively new representative, you may not have had the opportunity to meet your full line of sponsorship.  The company convention is a good opportunity to make those connections.  You will get to interact with people with similar backgrounds as you who have achieved great levels of success.  You will see and hear the testimonies of newest representatives to be promoted to top positions.  You’ll begin to believe that if they can do it, then you can do it too.  Sometimes you may even think “if this guy can do it, then I know I can.”  Another part of building your belief is the social proof of seeing thousands of like minded people with similar goals and aspirations as you.  From a company perspective you will see that you do have the backing of an entire staff and organization behind your opportunity.  One more key aspect of belief and attending your company event is that other people will respond based on your belief levels.  If you are second guessing your opportunity, or don’t fully believe in it, your prospects can sense that and will hesitate to join you.  But when you truly believe in your opportunity and what it represents, not only will your prospects respond more positively you, but their response to you will start to matter less.  You won’t need their acceptance or approval because you know that you know that you have what people are looking for.

Top Reason #2 to Attend your Company Convention – Vision

If you are new, you may not realize how big of an opportunity you have on your hands.  You may have just been dipping your toes in the water so to speak hoping that this opportunity will work for you.  Your expectations and vision for where you want to go and what you want to accomplish with your opportunity may be limited or scaled back because you really don’t know what’s possible.  By attending your company convention, not only will you get exposed to the grand vision of the company, but you should also be able to expand your own vision.  Your company convention puts you in the environment with like minded, high achieving people that will challenge you to break out of our self induced limitations.

Top Reason #3 to Attend your Company Convention – Energy

It’s been said many times that the best thing about network marketing is the people.  At the same time, the worst thing about network marketing is the people.  The steps to building a successful network marketing organization are relatively simple, but no one will ever tell you that it is easy.  When you are dealing with people, you will see the best, and sometimes the not so best.  It can be a draining process.  A lot of companies have their main conventions every 3 to 4 months. There is a method to this madness as the timing of the conventions is designed to recharge those drained batteries.  The conventions are like a shot of adrenaline and energy to the system.  Your Vision and Belief are restored to their highest levels at the convention.  The environment is typically very different from our daily grinds, and the party like celebratory experience is something you don’t get every day.  Most people coming out of their company conventions are fully recharged and ready to go.  Your energy level will not be higher, and you’ll be ready to get back to work on your dreams.

Top Reason #4 to Attend your Company Convention – Training

Training is critical to success in any network marketing or MLM company.  Most people do not come to network marketing with the skills need to be a professional in this industry.  Your company convention will have the best of the best distributors sharing their knowledge and experience to help shorten your own learning curve, and to prevent you from repeating the same mistakes they made.  The only thing better than learning from your own mistakes, is learning from someone else’s.  Many Companies will bring in guest speakers and trainers like John Maxwell, Darren Hardy, Robert Kiyosaki, or Tony Robbins.  Being trained from these individuals can be a priceless experience, and well worth the cost of attendance considering how much you might pay to see these experts at their own events.  All in all, those who attend their company conventions or main training events will be far better trained and prepared than those that don’t.
By now you should see the value of attending your Company’s Convention or Main Training Event.  If you are new, it is especially critical that you attend your first event as soon as possible. Most people who quit network marketing are never involved long enough to attend their first convention.  At this stage in your network marketing career, your Belief and Vision in yourself and your company could make or break you.  Make the investment in yourself to solidify that Belief and that Vision.  Get the training that you need, and get your batteries fully charged for the journey ahead. So, there you have the Top 4 reasons to attend your Company Convention.  If you enjoy this blog, please comment and share.


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