7 Steps to Master to Create Massive Success in Your MLM Business

7 Steps to Master to Create Massive Success in Your MLM Business

7-steps-to-masterAs you make the shift into building your MLM or network marketing business, you will learn that the steps involved are relatively simple. I say simple, but not easy. For some, it takes a lifetime to master these steps, while others never do. The following steps can be applied to most network marketing businesses.  Be sure to check with your upline for specific techniques or language that may be unique to your company.  So, here are the 7 steps to master to create massive success in your MLM business. . .



1) Pique Interest

2) Invite

3) Present

4) Follow-up

5) Close/Enroll

6) Launch

7) Customer Acquisition

Step#1 for Massive Success in your MLM Business – Pique Interest

Piquing interest is simply determining if your prospect is open to making additional money.  The goal is to get a yes, not go into a long drawn out conversation, or a presentation. One of the keys to piquing interest in person, is to be in a hurry as you initiate the conversation.  There are a lot of piquing interest scripts available.  Check with your upline for a specific script that’s working for your company.  One of my favorites is from Ray Higdon.  It’s simple, but effective.  “Hey John, would you be open to a side project if it didn’t interfere with what you are currently doing?” If you start the conversation by saying that you’re in a hurry or late for your next appointment, then when your prospect says yes they are open, or when they say what is it, you can say “I don’t have time to give you all the details, let me get your number, or email, and I will shoot you some info”, and then end the conversation.  If at that point they continue to try to ask questions, move on by reminding them that you were in a hurry and that you have to go. It’s ok if they are not open to your opportunity.  In fact you’ve probably saved yourself a lot of time in the long run.

Step#2 for Massive Success in your MLM Business – Inviting

Inviting prospects to take a look at your opportunity presentation is going to be a skill that you will master with practice. Every business will have it’s unique spin to it.  Some keys to a successful invite are:  Emotionally detach yourself from the outcome. Be in a hurry.  Clear the date. Be prepared for the What is it question. Don’t get dragged into a prolonged conversation.  If you’re inviting for a home meeting, here is a great Podcast from Ray Higdon on some things to say.

Step#3 for Massive Success in your MLM Business – Present

Most companies have multiple ways to show their business opportunity presentation.  From powerpoints, to DVD’s, home parties, online videos, and webinars.  Use the tool(s) that work best for you. One thing that will be key to your growth and success is to learn how to present your company’s presentation yourself.  The faster you learn to do your own presentations, the faster you can take control of your business.  As the saying goes…when you stand up, your check goes up.

Step#4 for Massive Success in your MLM Business – Follow Up

You will here this over and over again.  Your fortune is in the follow up.  After your prospect has seen your opportunity presentation, the ideal scenario is be in a position to answer a question or two, see if they see an opportunity for themselves, and then ask them if they are ready to get started.  Some will get started right away, but more often than not you will need to start a follow up process.  Many people will need to see your opportunity presentation more than once.  By failing to properly follow up you prevent your prospect from moving to the next step.      

Step#5 for Massive Success in your MLM Business – Close/Enroll

As you get better at following yourself or utilizing 3 way calls, you will become better at leading or closing your prospects to enroll. The best network marketers are not emotionally attached to any one prospect.  No one person will make or break your business so keep your emotions in check.  Ask positive leading questions such as “what did you like most about the opportunity?”, or “Are you ready to get started, or do you need to see it again?” Another great question is “It sounds like you’re ready to get started?” After you ask your question, stop talking and listen.  Your goal is to be a problem solver.  Understand the needs of your prospect and show them how your opportunity can be the solution. 

Step#6 for Massive Success in your MLM Business – Launch

Once you’ve enrolled your new business partner, it’s time to get them properly started. The last thing you want to do after you’ve invested time and energy into getting your new partner started is to leave them to their own devices.  Having a proper launch or game plan strategy for their first 30, 60, and 90 days in the business is critical.  A good game plan sets realistic expectations, let’s the new partner know that it’s their business and that they will determine its success or failure.  It also let’s them know that there is a support system in place.  It should also lay out the steps to achieve any new representative start up bonuses and how what’s required.  Launching your new partner is a critical activity that should be done 24 – 48 hours after they have enrolled.  The longer you wait, the more likely they are to either get cold feet, or start to feel rejection as the start to build their business unprepared and untrained.

Step#7 for Massive Success in your MLM Business – Customer Acquisition

Steps 1 through 6 are the key steps to growing your team, starting the duplication process, and creating massive success.  The lifeblood for any legitimate network marketing business is customers. Network marketing is about building a long term residual income.  That should not be based on recruiting but from customers using a product or service that is renewed and replenished on a regular (monthly) basis.  Every business is different, so check with your upline on the specifics of customer acquisition for your company.  Your first and best customer should always be you.

So, there you have the 7 key steps for massive success in MLM.  If you enjoy this blog, please comment and share.


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