5 Tips For The New Entrepreneur in Network Marketing

5 Easy Tips for the New Entrepreneur in Network Marketing

business tips for new entrepreneur in network marketingSo you’ve just signed the enrollment agreement for a new business opportunity. Your excited and ready to make some things happen.  Before you jump feet first into your new adventure, here are 5 tips that might help you avoid some of the common pitfalls that new network marketers encounter. 
1) Be Coachable
2) Make a Commitment
3) Go to your Company’s Main Training Event
4) Use The Tools
5) Emotions

Tip#1 for the New Entrepreneur in Network Marketing: Be Coachable

Ok, there’s no doubt that you are successful outside of this new opportunity that you’ve just joined. You’ve climbed the corporate ladder of success, or you’ve built your own successful traditional business.  That’s fantastic, but the skills that you have learned to create the success outside of network marketing may not be as applicable to your new business as you might think.  Just like McDonald’s has Hamburger U., every good network marketing company has a Success System.  Use it.  As a new entrepreneur, the best thing you can do as you get started is to plug into your Upline’s success system.  Now, your immediate sponsor may be just as brand new as you.  If that’s the case, find out who in your line of leadership is having success, and plug into their system.  Your Upline has a financial interest in helping you succeed.  Seek them out and duplicate what they are doing.

Tip#2 for the New Entrepreneur in Network Marketing: Make a Commitment

So you’re excited about your opportunity and the possibilities that it holds.  I challenge you to still be in your business a year now from now. Don’t be that person who joins the witness protection after their first rejection.  The great thing about Network Marketing is that usually there’s a relatively low investment to get started. Unfortunately that can also mean that your commitment level to that investment might be low.  There two quick ways to stay committed for the long haul.  1) Create a vision for where you want to be and what you want to achieve with your business. 2) Plug into your success system and create a profit early.

Tip#3 for the New Entrepreneur in Network Marketing: Go to your Company’s main training event 

You might not have fully bought into your company’s vision.  Maybe you’ve gotten your feet wet but you’re not fully committed yet.  One of the best things you can do is to get to your company’s main convention.  There you will get to see success stories of everyday people and meet other entrepreneur like yourself.  Most likely you’ll hear a testimony that you can relate to, and you’ll be able to see yourself onstage being promoted to the top position in your company.  You may get a bigger vision for what you want to accomplish and for what’s possible.  Your company events will give you the inspiration and motivation to start fighting for your future.  Make the decision and the investment to attend. 

Tip#4 for the New Entrepreneur in Network Marketing: Use The Tools 

Ignorance on Fire is great.  Ignorance on Fire with a purpose is even better.  Your excitement and enthusiasm can take you a long way, and people will follow you just because your excited.  Once you’re gone, they may have questions.  Let your company tools do they work for you.  Whether it’s a website, 800 number, magazine, CD, or DVD, your company tools can fill the gaps between your enthusiasm and the information people may need to make a decision.  Using tools is also duplicatable and lets your prospect know that there are tools that they can use if they choose to get started with you.

Tip#5 for the New Entrepreneur in Network Marketing: Emotions

Emotions are the number 1 killer in this industry. As you start to build  your business you will have some great highs, and you may experience some low lows.  My advice to you is don’t take it personally.  People will say yes or no to your opportunity based on their own reasons.  Not everyone will have your vision or see the opportunity the way you do.  Have a strong reason as to why you are building your business. Focus on those reasons and don’t let the opinions of others keep you from achieving your goals.

Congratulations on getting started and becoming a new entrepreneur.  The right Network Marketing opportunity can truly be life changing.  Remeber this as a final tip.  As an Entrepreneur in Network Marketing, "If it has to be, it's up to me."


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