5 Reasons To Join An MLM Company

What are the top 5 reasons to join an MLM Company?

top 5 mlm In today's economy, there are a lot of reasons to start your own business.  Many of the same reasons that you want to become an entrenpreneur are the same reasons why you should consider joining an MLM company.  It might be to diversify your income, get control of your schedule, bring in a secondary in come stream, or simply to work from home.  All good reasons.  Here are a few of my favorite reasons for why you should seriously consider joining an MLM company.


Reason #1 to Join an MLM Company: Residual Income:

Most of us are taught the traditional linear way to create income.  That is we work X amount of time to get paid X amount of dollars.  Work more hours and X goes up.  Work less, and X goes down.  But what happens when you can’t work, get sick, or injured, or need to take care of a loved one?  What happens if you lose your job?  X goes to zero.

Residual income is generated from doing an activity one time, and getting paid for it over and over again.  Think music or book royalties.  In MLM, the work is providing a product or service one time that must be replenished on a monthly basis.  This could be a consumable item like a vitamin or weight loss shake.  It could also be a service like a cell phone or electricity bill.  You create residual income in MLM companies by signing a customer up one time, and getting paid every month when they replenish that product or service.  When you build a team that duplicates what you do, your residual income begins to grow exponentially.  What happens when you can’t work, get sick, or injured, or need to take care of a loved one?  What happens if you lose your job?  Your residual income continues to grow because your customers still need electricity, or that vitamin, and your team is growing with or without you.

Reason #2 to Join an MLM Company: Tax Benefits

Just line entrepreneurs in traditional businesses, members in MLM companies can take advantage of many if not all of the same tax advantages.  As I said in my Why Become an Entrepreneur post, the US tax code was written with business owners in mind, not employees.  The tax code is designed to stimulate things that government thinks will help the economy grow.  As a result, the many tax advantages and incentives are a good reason to join an MLM company.  You can learn more about some of these tax advantages in this short video. 

Reason #3 to Join an MLM Company: Low Start Up Costs:

Startup costs for traditional business and franchises can be cost prohibitive to many people.  One of the lower cost franchises is H&R Block which starts out at about $31,500.  If you don’t have access to that kind of capital, then joining an MLM company could be a viable alternative.  You can usually join an MLM company for less than $500, and a low monthly overhead. Even though the investment is low, the upside potential is as great as any traditional franchise.

Reason #4 to Join an MLM Company: Discount on Products

Sometimes it makes sense to join an MLM company just to get discounts on the products and services that they offer. Even if recruiting or building a team is not your thing, you can still take advantage of product discounts that could be in the range of 20% to 50%.  Some MLM companies will allow you to get your products for free if you simply refer a few customers yourself.  If you are sure that’s the route you want to take, many companies have starter positions for $100 or less where you can just get product discounts or retail the products yourself.

Reason #5 to Join an MLM Company: Camaraderie & Sociability:

When you join an MLM company, you join a family and a team.  You will often find more support from your MLM team than you do from friends and family. It’s always a good feeling when you connect with people that share common values and vision.  You will find some of your greatest friends for life when you join and build an MLM company.

There are many more reasons to join an MLM Company.  Do your research and find the best MLM company for you. You can even check out this Forbes Magazine article on joining an MLM in retirement.


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