5 Quick and Easy Sources For MLM Leads

5 Quick and easy sources for MLM Leads

MLM LeadsHave you gone through your warm market list already?  Struggling with what to do next and who to contact to keep the momentum going?  Here are 5 quick and easy sources of MLM leads you can use to take your business and income to the next level.



Quick and Easy Source #1 for MLM Leads – Networking Events

Networking events are great way to add to your names list.  If you are not a member of your local chamber of commerce, consider joining, or at least get on their distribution list for their events.    Chamber events are great because the attendees are typically business owners or self employed individuals who are most likely well aware of the benefits of business ownership.  Meetup.com is another source for networking events. If there aren’t any in your area, consider creating one.  You can also use Eventbrite to look for events in your area.  When attending a networking event, the best thing you can do is to not pitch your opportunity, but rather, be an active listener.  Find out about their business, and interests.  Ask them what a good customer for their business looks like. Get their contact info and follow up with them the next day.

Quick and Easy Source #2 for MLM Leads – Facebook & Facebook Groups

Facebook, and Facebook groups are a great way to find mlm leads,  network, and add to your names list.  When using Facebook, don’t spam people with your opportunity.  Engage them with the intent of finding some common ground and opening to share some information.  It’s best not to send unsolicited links.  When you engage in a conversation the goal is to get your prospect to ask you for information about your opportunity.  With facebook groups, consider joining groups associated with people like Robert Kiyosaki, Kim Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins, or Darren Hardy.  Engage the community.  Post comments, and then engage individual community members.  Find a comment that you like of a potential lead, and then add your own thoughts to the discussion.

Quick and Easy Source #3 for MLM Leads – Linkedin

Linkedin is one of my favorite sources of network marketing leads.  When used properly, it can be an infinite source of leads for any industry, and almost any country.  For more detail on how I specifically used Linkedin.  Join my email list for a free training on Linkedin lead generation.

Quick and Easy Source #4 for MLM Leads – Craigslist

Craigstlist is another tool you can use for target leads in a specific geographic location. There are a couple of ways to use Craigslist.  Direct and Indirect.  In the indirect method, you are creating your own ad in the jobs section for people who are looking for “internet marketers”, “stay at home moms”, or “work from home” opportunities.  Obviously with Craigstlist, you need to set up the necessary precautions to protect yourself.  In the Direct method, you can actually target the people who are posting the types of ads I just mentioned.  Obviously these people are serious about working an opportunity, and may be open to taking a look at what you are doing.

Quick and Easy Source #5 for MLM Leads – Referrals

Referrals are an often overlooked method of generating free mlm leads for your business.  There are a number of ways to do this.  After you have shared your product or opportunity with a prospect, if they say no, ask them who they know that could use some extra income.  Or who do they know that needs the product or service you are offering. Assuming that you have treated them professionally throughout your engagement with them, they should not have an issue passing on 2 or 3 names of people that might have an interest.  Another referral method is also a good psychological technique for individuals that you may not want to engage directly for your business or service.  Your initial approach with that person may be something like this:  “Hey John, I know you wouldn’t be interested in making some extra money from home, but who do you know that might be open to a side project if it didn’t interfere with what they are already doing?”  Not only might you get a few referrals from John, but you may have piqued his interest enough for him to ask what are you dong.  We can all agree that you are in position of strength when your prospect is asking you for the initial information.

So, there you have the 5 sources of MLM leads for your business.  If you enjoy this blog, please comment and share.


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